Note that these are mostly toy projects that I've built in my spare time for fun and self-study. This list does not include commercial work on (usually) serious software for companies including Google, Siemens, Mercedes Benz and others from which I make a living. If you'd like to hire me please get in touch via email.

Active Projects

These are free software projects that I've started and still actively work on. All of them are database-related:

These projects are in "maintenance mode", i.e. I stopped work on them except for fixes and support, or at least, I'm planning to stop work on them. Still, they have been running in production at some point or are still live somewhere:

Contributions to Other Projects

These are projects which I haven't started or maintain, but made significant contributions to:

Weekend Hacks & Inactive Projects

Finally, this is a list of my old weekend hacks, obsolete projects and projects that haven't been getting much love recently for another reason. Most of these projects weren't built for their practical use but to learn new things or out of pure curiosity.