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Apr 2017The Nyancat Stroboscope
Mar 2017Controlling WS2812 LEDs from Linux
Jan 2017Protobuf ZigZag encoding
Dec 2016Weekend Hack: CS:GOLytics
Aug 2016Dividing Infinity - Data Partitioning Schemes
Aug 2016Parallel I/O and Columnar Storage
Jul 2016Announcing EventQL - A SQL database for large-scale analytics
Apr 2016The programmer's guide to cocktails
Mar 2015Weekend Hack: brokerd
Jun 2014San Francisco
Nov 2014ChartSQL
Dec 2013SquirrelWars 3D - My first OpenGL game from scratch
Nov 2013I'm joining Google in London!
Oct 2013Weekend Hack: libsmatrix
Aug 2013Send SQLTap metrics to StatsD
Aug 2013Recommendations at DaWanda
Jul 2013Building LoveOS
Jun 2013SQLTap - A documented-oriented query frontend for MySQL
May 2013Weekend Hack: rack-trace
Apr 2013Weekend Hack: parallel_cf
Feb 2013Real-time HTML5 dashboards with FnordMetric v0.5.0
Jan 2013recommendify - Open-source collaborative filtering
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